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All information, data, documents, photographs and publications on the website, unless otherwise indicated, are owned by Multi-Filament Ltd In absence of specific permission from Multi-Filament Ltd, they can only be used in compliance with the relevant regulations: exclusively for private, non-commercial, purposes, at the sections protected by copyright by indicating copyrights, without the modification of data and textual information, in case of photographs by including the descriptions related to them. In case of non-commercial use, the user shall not be entitled to re-use, disseminate and copy the content or to make it downloadable or place on the market neither for remuneration or free of charge.

Brand names, copyrights

The product names appearing on the website, unless indicated otherwise or except for the brand names belonging to other brand name owners, are the registered brand names of Multi-Filament Ltd, the unauthorised use of them leads to immediate legal action.

Limited liability

The information on the website aims at introducing the products and services of Multi-Filament Ltd, as a company. The contents are controlled before publishing and are also continuously updated and extended. However, Multi-Filament Ltd does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information, data and materials found or offered on this website. The product information and instructions for use available on the website are given for information only; their use is subject to the user’s own risk and responsibility. Before using them, please check their timeliness. Neither Multi-Filament Ltd, nor the third party participating in the creation and operation of the website, shall be held responsible whether the contents of the website are accessible or not, whether they operate adequately or not; or take responsibility for the possible damages resulting from using the information without checking its timeliness.

Data and information given by users

Users of the website are held fully liable for the information transmitted to Multi-Filament Ltd, both in content and accuracy, as well as for the possible related copyrights. The user gives his consent to store the provided data and information, to perform statistical analyses and to use them for other business purposes not against the protection of personal data. On that basis Multi-Filament Ltd is free to use the content of the messages (names, e-mail addresses) transmitted via the website for marketing purposes.

Foreign users

The Hungarian language website of Multi-Filament Ltd is based on products distributed in Hungary; the content of the website refers to them. In other countries the use may be varied, you can obtain information about it via one of the contacts of Multi-Filament Ltd

Last modification March 2017.