10 scents and 10 swimsuits that can bring summer

Scents are also important in the summer, but we have to follow many rules about them. The first five are as follows:

  • Under no circumstances should you use heavier, winter scents for the summer months. Not only can your environment be disturbed by a full-bodied, amber scent, or a sugary, vanilla, but it will almost “warm you up” if you use such a perfume in your heat as well.
  • Body spray can go smoothly in summer! true, they are more volatile, but they fit into balmy evenings and leave a light feeling behind.
  • Never spray perfume on your skin to sunbathe! It is not enough to be "stained", the scent can hurt your skin due to sunlight.
  • If you can't stand swimming exclusively with the scent of sunscreen / sunscreen, spray your favorite scent on your hair, headscarf or towel.
  • You can also choose a fragrance that suits the occasion and the outfit: imagine a vacation with a beach swimmer at Lake Balaton, an athlete, a programmer with children in a looser dress, with a bolder smell. A romantic Mediterranean, adventurous, evening dinner and conversational vacation in a sexier bikini with a sultry scent for real!

But let's see the swimsuit scent our pairings!

Gucci - Bloom Acqua di fiori

Playful and green, a much more exciting creation than you, the mother scent. Smell of freshly cut grass after a heavy rain. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Acqua di Parma - Fico di Amalfi

It is a very natural, unisex scent inspired by the picturesque city of Amalfi and the lush vegetation and figs of southern Italy. There are few more Mediterranean perfumes. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Prada - Candy Night

Chocolate, tonka beans, neroli ... instead of an exaggerated candy scent, the new scent of Prada reminds us of the creamiest summer ice cream. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Cacharel - Yes, I am

Feminine, charming and kind. Due to its floral notes, it gently envelops the wearer during the day and its oriental scent evenings in the evening, it does not show off, just that it is present, but it is very memorable. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

VS- Squeeze of pineapple

Victoria’s Secret body sprays are always flirty and absolutely ideal for the summer season. This pineapple scent will be full of hibiscus, like a perfect, fruity longdrink. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Marc Jacobs - Honey

In vain are honey and vanilla the hallmarks, Honey is a real summer perfume that plays with pears, tangerines, peaches. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

The Body Shop - Pink Grapefruit

It’s more of a body spray than a perfume, but one of The Body Shop’s best creations brings out the scent and almost taste of pink grapefruit, even with a single blow. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Balenciaga - Florabotanica

For the cheerful and exciting ladies, they created the Balenciaga perfume, which is at least as open and extroverted as it is retreating and artistic. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

ZARA - Rose

A true base, rosy and fruity summer scent that is just as lovely if you spray your hair with it before pedaling or if you blow it on your skin for an evening ice cream. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

Carolina Herrera - 212 VIP Rosé

Champagne and peach - two components of Bellini. In addition to our sexiest swimsuit, we recommend this sultry and flirty scent. The swimsuit INNEN can be ordered.

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