5 beautiful European beaches worth a trip

Have you started organizing your 2019 vacation yet? If you haven’t booked everything yet and the program isn’t set in stone, we recommend 5 fabulous beaches where you can indulge in sight, water, sun and relaxation.

  • Praia da Dona Ana, Algarve, Portugal

The most beautiful beach in the Algarve is often compared to the dramatic Australian 12 Apostles. The beach belongs to the city of Lagos, you will find a pleasant walk along the romantic beaches, with caves and small tunnels dug by the water. Due to the smoothness of the ocean, it is a popular section not only for beachgoers but also for surfers.

  • Ses Illetes, Fortmentera, Spain

It is only 19 km long island, close to Ibiza, from where you can reach it by boat. The whole island is characterized by pristine, paradise atmosphere, and the beach of Ses Illetes is also ruining the Caribbean archipelago. Its sand is silky and snow white, its water is turquoise and shallow. That's why swimming with a small child is safe.

  • Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is one of the even less "touristy" Greek islands. Due to its location, it has been hit by earthquakes many times, but on the breathtakingly beautiful Myrtos beach, this can be seen at its steep end. The sea deepens quickly, the beach is covered with larger white pebbles, the water is crystal clear. You may even want to stay until sunset.

  • Elafonissi, Crete, Greece

The pink beach of Elafonissi is located in the western part of Crete. A real lagoon, with very shallow and warm water, with unearthly beauty. The color of the sand is given by a reddish microorganism from corals in the sea.

  • Ksamil beach, Albania

Due to bad arrivals, Albania is still not a very popular holiday destination, although you can fall in love with its pristine, fantastically located beaches. Ksamil is closer to Greece and evokes postcards sent from the tropics, just 1,300 km from Budapest.

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