6 things to choose from

For those who love one-piece swimwear, you can choose from a myriad of colors and more patterns if you want a one-piece swimsuit! The selection is also very rich in styles.

Despite the plethora of styles, one-piece swimwear can be divided into two basic groups.

It is set high at the thigh and fits the hips.

  • If we don’t feel so comfortable in a bikini then a one-piece swimsuit is the best choice, as it means a good few pounds in terms of well-chosen sampling and sketching, or we can hide any skin imperfections.


Jumping, bending is clearly more comfortable and safer in a dress.


  • Only your protruding body parts, such as legs, shoulders, arms, and the more cover-and-protect principle, you don’t have to expose your entire body to the sun’s rays. Clearly, if you’re obsessed with sunbathing (carefully!) You’ll be expecting a bronze shade in a smaller bikini, but if you’re not so much a fan of sunbathing, on the one hand, the sun is worth less. Moreover, this year, surfer-type, long-sleeved pieces are also popular.


  • Even on a boyish figure, you can shape it very nicely with the ideally chosen swimsuit. You can achieve a little "cheating" and easily more feminine waist-hip ratio.

-Pear shape: If you are stronger on your hips and buttocks, you may want to turn your attention up.

-Apples: The shape of the apple is stronger in the abdomen, waist and buttocks, so it is worth choosing a shaping one-piece.

Yaffa places the greatest emphasis on this target group, as they are the ones who have the most difficulty in showing themselves in swimwear.

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