We must also take care of those who work in trade! # covid_19 #maradjotthon

In vain we try to sign up with more uplifting posts and share nice or funny videos on our Facebook page ... we know that there is a lot of trouble and we can’t convince all our loved ones, acquaintances, followers and customers to #stay at home !

We don’t go to the public for raisins in the morning, we list at least a week in advance what it takes to make a purchase so we have to leave our home as few times as possible. There is no rushing to vegetables, just a pudding powder missing type of "jumps". There is waiting, disciplined behavior, protesting our family, our environment, and society as a whole, with social absence. And last but not least: moderation.

However, healthcare workers and traders cannot stay at home. They have to stand in the first place: to heal the patients, to serve the customers. Everyone who needs it. It is no coincidence that they are told so many times that we should stay at home so that they too can do their sacrificial work most effectively.

We know it’s not a standard FFP mask, but better than anything, it’s more effective. We sewed 50 washable, disinfectable, double-layer, comfortable, unmanageable masks made of swimwear for the employees of one of the downtown SPAR grocery stores, who do the loading of goods, checkouts, delicatessen work in the same way as before the epidemic.

They have not been given an "outbound", they cannot work from home, they have to serve with a shaky face and kindly, courteously help customers.

So let us appreciate them, and all the people who still hold the front in such difficult times.

Let us also be patient, kind to them, let us smile even if our face is now covered with a mask!

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