Yaffa Activewear has started!

This rather strange year brought new paths, attracted ideas, long-cherished dreams. We used to wear sportswear for a long time, in the late ’90s and early 2000s during the time of the great aerobics and callanetics fever. Although we gave up on this activity, we never really let go.

So in the fall of 2020, after lengthy trials, experiments and testing, we launched the Yaffa sub-brand, the Yaffa Activewear line.

From time to time we upload new models, the survey of the seasons is still in full swing, but we set off with some practical and pretty pants and tops so that we can now be present in fitness rooms, running circles, yoga classes, home workouts.

Since in the field of swimwear it is extremely important to plus size line and you can buy one-piece models from us up to 56 / D baskets, so Yaffa Activewear is moving in this direction, too, so that we don't even disappoint our regular customers.

Sports and exercise are the same for everyone as the beach and sunbathing, so we start sewing sportswear in extra sizes.

Thank you for your trust and move up!

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