The Yaffa Pop-Up Store will launch on July 1st

Dear customers, dear Yaffa community,

We’re up to the neck in the summer and we decided to make it a little easier to buy a swimsuit. Many of you are writing to us about where you can try on Yaffa swimsuits and so far only to stores selling the brand we were able to send you, but 2020 has created so many new situations that we are not sluggish and open the
From July 1, after check-in and an agreed time, anyone can come to our headquarters to try out the coveted model. If you don't like shopping at the webshop, if you could see how the particular model is on you, if you can't decide between two swimsuits, then we have invented this option for you!
Every week, WEDNESDAY from 09:00 to 14:00 or THURSDAY 12: 00-17: 00 we are waiting for you a YAFFA POP-UP STORE -in!
Please come to a pre-arranged time! Login to at! *
* Please, if you know, write us which swimsuit and size you are thinking of, it will help a lot! Since we operate as a manufactory, in many cases we sew the desired piece after the webshop order, it is not in stock. However, we try to show you the most sizes and styles, so that you can then order from the webshop and make the dream swimsuit for you. No one can leave us disappointed, but for this we ask for a little flexibility and for you to describe the desired sizes and models in the mail sent for the appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!
The Yaffa Swimwear team

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