Not a scam, but a deception! - with optical tricks on the beach as well

On the one hand, the "bikini body" is easy for everyone to put together, with the simple sequence of movements that you put on the bikini bottom and top nicely ... but let's just look at how you can lick up inches from your waist, hips with a carefully chosen style and pattern, or just out of your stomach!

It is not uncommon in high fashion and fast fashion circles to play with colors and shapes, carve a little from the wearer's more delicate lines, or just skillfully stretch the shape, change the shape / size of the breast.

This is an exciting trick that will make you much more confident, as you don’t even need to scramble even if you’re talking about a beach and a swimsuit. At home, spinning in front of a mirror immediately shows that it provides or just covers a bit of the material, but it’s not uncommon for others to note the “change” which is really nothing more than a well-chosen style and pattern. Not months of gym suffering or bitter adherence to the latest star diet.

With this little mischief, we can still remain self-evident, as there is nothing artificial or disgusting about it: super tailoring and patterning just helps you get the best out of yourself!

At Yaffa swimwear, we pay attention to this from season to season, not only with the body-forming lining, but also with the choice of patterns. Would you clutter your cleavage because you’re most proud of it? The eye-catching pattern can go to the tits, and the solid color, more restrained material for the rest of the swimsuit. Aren’t you completely satisfied with your sportier, more boyish waistline and a little more hourglass? We solve this with patterns.

So far, the swimwear industry hasn’t offered many solutions for optically elongated thighs, but one can play with the cutting of swimsuits, meaning the panties curve up a little bolder, as in the iconic Baywatch swimsuits, for example.

Now you can safely get it to your heart that Pamela Anderson's figure wouldn't hurt either ... but a beautiful, brilliant woman can wear flirtatious bathrobes just as right as red-dressed lifeguard babes!

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