Szolgáltatás feltételei

We inform you so that you as a buyer (consumer) and will find the internet user if you declare that you know and accept, or a Civil Code. (Act V of 2013) A general contractual objective written pursuant to § 6: 77-6: 81. To meet your recommended customer needs, our web store offers attention to alert you to the site and to be sure to use the Terms and Conditions and the Safety Statement and be sure to check what the competition is.
This document, which contains the restriction available in electronic form. The contract regulating the guidelines is governed by the Civil Code. shall be deemed to be a contract accepted in absentia.
1. Operator data:
• Company name: Multi-Filament Kft.
• Headquarters: Budapest 1183.Nádasdy u.9
• Tax number: 12048238-2-43
• Company registration number: Cg.01-09-460946, Issuing court of registration: Fővárosi Cégbíróság
• Contract language: Hungarian
• Electronic contact: multifilament.kft@upcmail. hu
• Telephone contact: +36 1-292-15-82
• Privacy record ID
• Account number: K&H 10400188-01800092 0000 0000

• Service Provider under the current general terms and conditions, hereinafter: Operator.
2. Available products and services
The scope of our store is women's, men's swimwear, beachwear distribution employees.
Warning: The various capabilities shown on the product data sheet are realistic, in such cases only as illustrations.
3. Ordering information
The selected products will be available through the Webshop, can be ordered online, in the future by delivery by the household or in person, by a customer or a receipt created by a representative.
The 27% VAT required by law must be applied when determining the selected prices of the goods, as no home delivery fee is available.
When an operator’s fault translates into a product, capital becomes inseparable from resilience, and the product helps the operator not accept the faults but create a service provider at a hybrid price and customers get involved in a case. affordable shopping. Choose a right of unilateral withdrawal from a contract.
Various packaging costs will not be charged. The detailed delivery tariff is part of these terms and conditions, under the menu item Delivery terms.
In our webshop, you can browse the Available products and services by product categories. In addition to the products listed, you can view short descriptions, prices, and other features of Egyptian products without claiming to be exhaustive. If you want more information about a product, you need a picture or name of a product. This will take you to a product page where you can get the most important information about a product. If you require more than one attention, please note the details of the operator on the fixed telephone number please pick up and operate.
Order process
A. By clicking on the Cart symbol you can define the product and Add to Cart.
The product family can be placed in the Cart if no orders are required. This only becomes possible if you have registered yourself. You can find the registration under the next menu item. If you are a registered customer but have forgotten your password, enter a reminder with a password. If you have a registered email address here, you can send yourself a password via email. You can log in from the Login menu. We will send you the email, address and password you requested here and then you will need to do this to log in. If the login is successful, the screen will display your registered email address and an exit button that will allow you to leave the store.
B. You can check and edit the contents of the Basket and the Basket menu item. You have the option to view and modify it to produce a product made in a basket if you require it, and you need to choose the payment and delivery methods that work best for you, and you need to determine this issue. It is possible to completely empty a basket. Continuing your purchase is best done if you want to switch customers anyway and can finalize your order after opening a Checkout.
C. After you have finally ordered your order, an email address will be sent to you, who will automatically receive confirmation and which will allow you to place your order details. You cannot get this way a system will not accept your order. In this case, please contact us and mark us using the operator data.
Once we have placed your order for processing, we will send an email to and send you an Order Closed Confirmation. The product will only be delivered after that.
The order is a continuous and targeted attempt until the order is closed using the Order Tracking menu item. Here you can find all the orders you have sent to our Webshop so far. Each order can only be identified by an order number.
4. Registration
Customers want you to think they can see your customers ’needs the first time they shop, so you need to provide your billing and shipping information, email address, and password to log in later. It is necessary to accept the registration rules before finalizing the registration. The registration will be confirmed by e-mail. The buyer is obliged to keep the password provided confidential. If the identification is performed with the data content of the customer in order to determine the location of its unique identifier and password, it will be in the possession of a third party, of which the Data Controller will not be liable for the identified damages or disadvantages. The user should provide an e-mail address when the operator / service provider sends them a technical message. Registered users are deleted from the system at the request of the operator. For security reasons, a cancellation request will only be possible if you provide a cancellation request in a satisfactory email so it can be avoided, so someone is intentionally or by mistake when you cancel a registration system. Registration is identified by the email address, so an email address can only be registered once.
An unregistered distributor is not involved.
5. Order processing
Orders are processed on business days. As an order is processed, it is possible to place an order outside of the specified times, but if it is a business day later, only on the next business day when an order is processed. The full deadline for the accepted order, apart from the confirmation, is 3 - 5 working days for the products that can be used in stock. In the event that a product is out of stock, you believe that within 1-2 weeks, the situation should be determined.
Our company does not take responsibility and orders the speech of any technical descriptions, or for reasons beyond its control by prior notice.
6. Choosing the value of the authorized product and the method of payment of the fee delivered to the house a banks
: if a returning agent is purchased via email, banks will refund a bank when the banks show and review their account number and a customer demand. in the comment / notice box. A clear complex approval proposal on one of our bank accounts, after which we will only submit a courier service proposal (our bank account number and operator
data that can be found to view). or by credit card.

Credit card payment options should be considered below : • Cash on delivery: The reliability of the GLS courier service must be provided with a reliable reference label, ie a specific product must be counted on or there must be a courier. In case of cash on delivery, the cash on delivery will be added to the delivery cost.
• In case of cash on delivery, the delivery of a customer's packaging must be paid to the deliverer in cash.
The final amount to be paid requires all costs based on the order summary and confirmation letter. The invoice and the letter of guarantee on the packaging. If a package was to be delivered before delivery to a courier, it would be examined and possibly produced in an unobtrusive situation if it were incomplete to have the record of admission and not take over a package. We are unable to accept subsequent complaints without minutes.